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Our entire understanding of the body is based on studies of dead bodies, of dissected bodies, and of bodies as objects.

The Life Force Innovation Foundation focuses on the living body.

Today, anatomical and physiological studies are conducted according to all the rules of art, challenging our entire understanding of what a living body is, how it works, and what stimulates life.

From this perspective, Life Force Innovation supports research, innovation, and public education leading to innovative activities for the promotion of health and vitality.

Swedish Fascia Convention 2024

Swedish Fascia Convention is for people who want to spread and share knowledge and insights about fascia and the living body in an impactful way, thus paving the way for a new paradigm.

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Fascia Research Database

Fascia Research Database makes current research accessible to the public, providing knowledge about the body in a simple way.

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    ”Now we have a scope which looks at the living tissue and it doesn’t look like what we thought”

    –Neil Thiese, Professor of Pathology

The people behind Life Force Innovation


Charlotta Bohlin

Chairman of the board

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Per Johansson

Board member

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Fascia Guide Authors - Axel Bohlin

Axel Bohlin

Board member

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Alexandra Karlsdotter

Board member

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Fascia Guide Authors - Hans Bohlin

Hans Bohlin

Honorary board member

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